Creative Designer & Writer from MY.

A designer who have so much on the plate, that decided to just go to sleep. It is always a new day tomorrow. And, I am the author of the book #CeritaBudakDesign.


Becoming a creative designer, hypothetically speaking, was an accident. A writer? That’s a major huge accident that came with a trauma. It was after Sekolah Menengah (high-school) that I needed to decide what do I want to do in life and that I have not a single idea. But, design and anything that is related to creativity have always plays a major part growing up. It was creative-writing that I actually begins the creative-in-me. I’ve been a fulltime creative designer for six years. Most of that time, I was doing freelance jumping throughout projects after another. And in 2015, I achieved an “achievement unlocked” when I published my book #CeritaBudakDesign.

I’m currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Specifically Puchong and soon I’m going back to Cyberjaya. Currently, I am the Chief Creative Office at INVOKE Malaysia.

Ever since I step foot into the industry in 2010, among big projects that I’ve had my hands on was the Supermokh & Supermokh Restaging Musical. I’m constantly updating my portfolio tab, so keep coming back for more.

Plus, I am still doing freelance, but concentrating more on my personal agendas.

Living the dream, brother!