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The End of a Battle

Today mark the end one of a life battle of my life journey and my wife’s.

It has been a long ride. Though to some, three years might not be that long of a time, but to us it was. All that appointments from one place to another, all that tests, test results, all kind of pills & medicine, plus some pills are even questioned of its reliability by other doctors.

It was one hell (or heaven) of a ride.

Today was the end of it. Earlier in the morning, if I were to put it in a sentence, it will be something like this: today procedure will be the final of it all and whatever the outcome, it will be a new path of a journey, a new journey of joy, hopefully.

Unfortunately, the result was not as I was hoping. It kinda feels like a freaking huge fullstops.

But I’m grateful for what life have given me.

I’m grateful for my wife for being the strong woman as you always are and for always been there for me by my side this entire journey. You are my one and only wife for me and sure you are the one and only type in this world. Thank you, my love. I love you so very much.

To both my parents (mak abah) and parents in law (also, mak abah). For always supporting us in all possible ways—financially and morally. Without your support, I would have never dream to go all the way untill the finishing line. There’s nothing that I can do to repay you guys back except to be the best son to you and best husband to your daughter. Thank you so very much.

To my family, brother & sisters (Fatin, Hazmi, Farah), brothers & sisters in law (Wan, Dila, Tuti, Fikah), I might not have been the best brother that most people hope to have a lepak and borak panjang session, but your undying support has always been a gem to have by our side.

To our friends that have always support us and remembering us in your doa. Khaliz & Inshirah during your Hajj in Makkah. Jal, Siti and Shazmin during your Umrah. To Fendy and James for the moral support; your warm words have given us the strengths to go on. You guys are the best type of friends that one can only ask for. ‘Sahabat dunia akhirat’ as people would describe it. And to many other friends that I’ve ever spoken to about this and the support and doa that you have given. I’m so very grateful.

I’ve never asked for things to happen. Being married and having a family is always the purpose of it: to have a family. But as we all always say, Allah knows better. Allah plans are always better. The things that have happened in my life, there must be a reason for it. On a positive note, I’m grateful that Allah has chosen me to be in this ujian. It will help me to be a better servant and Muslim to Him as I’ve not always been.

Today is an end to a part of a life journey but never an end to the journey itself. Me and my wife will survive this and better ourselves as a Muslim, son, daughter, brother, sister and also as a professional.

Life goes on and although it’s hard, life must go on. This is the highest level of redho that I have to achieve as to redho, I am hopeful that more doors shall open for us.

Thank you, guys. I love you all.

Yours truly,