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Creative yang buat design & kadang-kadang menulis.
Sekali-sekala buat video, ada Youtube channel.

I’m starting a Channel

This would probably be the very last thing that you guys might have expected from me.

Even you did somehow expected this, I myself would have never expected it myself. Never in a million years that I would ever consider starting a Youtube channel. Well, creating a Youtube channel, it probably is a yes with whatever video content that I’ve been and comfortably did in the past but creating a content of me specifically speaking in front of the camera talking about stuff?

My 10-years-ago self might just laugh it off and thinking the present-me is joking.

Why do I think so? Why have I never thought I would actually do a Youtube channel with the said content?

I would probably just tell about it in a vlog, wouldn’t I not?

Anyway, do Subscribe to the channel. Peace!

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/hidayatjamalolail224

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